About Me

I began my career as a graphic designer then suddenly evolved into a UI/UX designer. The transition was natural and I found myself more involved with overall decision making and collaborative efforts towards the overall good of the company. I believe my intuition as an artist gave me an upper hand in the UI/UX profession.

  • UI/UX
    As a User Interface & Experience designer, I created and remade many websites, portals, and more. I start from a creative build using data and preferences from sketches and wireframes up to fully functional prototype demonstrations. I assisted the IT department with any and all information needed, such as HTML and CSS features. I presented my work for all included in the project through online presentations. I Collected user feedback and was able to quickly and efficiently have the job(s) completed on or before any deadlines.
  • Web Developer
    I build custom web sites & applications from the ground up, utilizing modern standards for today's digital world. Some web features included GIF or CSS animation and custom built logos and neccessary graphics.
  • Graphic Designer
    Using creative design tools I am highly effective and professional with overall design on all devices, graphics, logos, and more.
  • UI/UX Designer
    State of NJ Courts Department
  • UI/UX Designer
    Westerlind Enterprises
  • UI/UX Designer
    Wells Fargo
  • UI/UX Designer
  • BFA
    West Chester University, West Chester Pennsylvania
  • Web design and implementation Certification
    AVTECH Institute of Technology

My Services

UI/UX Design

As a UI UX designer, I am passionate about designing beautiful, intuitive interfaces that help the project to be more productive. I work with clients to create innovative and effective prototypes with user interfaces that help them get the most out of their products.

Graphic Design

Creative, independent and detail-oriented graphic designer with many years of experience in digital brand management, logo design and layout design. Highly skilled with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Coachable and passionate about collaborating with a team when working on projects.

Presentation Designer

I worked with clients to create innovative and effective prototypes with user interfaces that help them get the most out of their products. I am passionate about helping clients achieve their expectations and goals.

My Work

Westerlind Enterprises Design

Sample of Wet Nose Productions clothing line website.

Westerlind Enterprises Design

A comprehensive tourist site for the beautiful town of Sea Bright, NJ.

Westerlind Enterprises Design

Creative Solutions for growing Businesses.

Movie Clips

NJ Courts UX Project "Methodology"

This project was created to display in great detail the role of User Experience

Verizon training clip "Compass"

This video was to train in-store employees about the new features to edit all the comtomer area services.

Verizon training clip "Inventory"

This demonstration was built for the warehouse employees to assist them with a new inventory system.

Verizon training clip "MVD"

The MVD demonstration was to train the employees about a new diagnostic system for all iPhones.

More coming soon

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